Drop Party !!!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Qkazooo, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Hello !!!
    I will be hosting a Drop Party on May 3,2015 @ 4pm emc time !
    It will be held @ 12181 SMP6

    if you would like to donate please go to 17249 @ Smp8 !! we would love to get nice things for the party ! :D
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  2. I am accepting donations rn at my second res on smp8. we need to fill 30 DC's so please dont be shy ! I will take from dirt - diamonds :p
  3. I might as well only donate 1 thing because it is totally not stingy for me to only donate 1 item and take everything at the event. Im going to be so nice.
  4. I won't be able to make it, but I hope everyone that does go enjoys it! :D
  5. 2:37 here so how long? lol
  6. Its going to be on May 3 we will keep going till the DC's run out
  7. a nice bumpity bump since todays the day ~