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  1. 3/29/014 I will be hosting a drop party at 3:00 PM Central American Time (Google it, or move to Kansas). It will be at 11148. We will be accepting donations as well. The more you donate the more advertising perks you get.
    100+ -Your name will be on a sign in the drop room
    350+ Name on the thread and all previous perks
    1000+ - Name In my signature (For four Months) and previous perks
    1500+ Name and Res # On thread and previous perks
    3500+ Name, Res #, 10 word slogan On thread and previous perks
    5000+ 10 word Shoutout before drop party and previous perks
    12500+Name, Res #, 15 word slogan in my signature (For four months) and previous perks
    17500+ 20 word shoutout before drop party and previous perks
    20000+ 50 word slogan on thread and previous perks

    To coordinate donation and perk PM me
    1500r Donated!

    Palmsugar 11016
  2. Palmsugar donated1500r
  3. Donate, donate donate!
  4. Bump. Any suggestions are appreciated, if you don't want to advertise, but want to buy thing in favor of the party, I will be selling a Rezile-Style Bow for auction tomarrow
  5. :/ This is my 2 year celebration by the way.. I'll do a lame AMA if I don't get enough donations or comments..
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