[DROP PARTY] Unclaimed items from Krysyy and Moose's 2 year party

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Dear Fellow Empirians...or something similar to that,

    Drop party is over. Come join us for a mob fight in the wastelands on smp3 at 10:00 pm EMC time.

    Bring some good armor...
    I was perusing my residences today and realized that I had quite a few items on smp2...

    These items were prizes from my 2 year party a few months back and I really would like to clear off the res for (insert project name), so let's give it all away!!!!

    When: TONIGHT at 8:30 pm EMC TIME...(july 24th)
    Where: SMP2, inside the Dalek on res 3006

    Gonna be a good old fashioned drop party with just the items from the residence that are left over.
    That is all...or is it???

    See you there,
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  2. Cool I'll Be there :)
  3. Awesome! I will be there. :D
  4. EDT (-5)
  5. That's 5:30pm PST correct?
  6. Dang it can't really wanted to come but can :(
  7. That is the time I leave for dinner.. T-T
  8. Sounds good, ill be there. 37 minutes till event
  9. i think you do /time in game and it tells you
  10. Thanks for the par-tay!
  11. Thanks for the drop party it was fun. I think it was extremely funny that I got a wooden shovel and 2 dirt right after it. (Please don't take that as a complaint)
  12. Thanks for the drop party it was fun and I might go to the mob fight until then
  13. Was any new item handed out?
  14. Thanks for another awesome event krysyy!
  15. 10am or 10pm
  16. Oh sorry just noticed
  17. Had to miss this, but thanks for holding it anyway. :) Did you all have fun? Anyone get some good items? Ooooh... were the impossiball and the Arena Longbow dropped? O-o Sorry, had to ask. XD
  18. Lol, no those items were not dropped. They were on the residence though. Safely in a chest with my other fancy items =P
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