Drop Party Suggestions

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CDJS8, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. I will be hosting a huge drop party in May in celebration of my shop opening. The theme of my event is Spring/Flowers/Gardening. There will be 56 droppers, and 101,080 items including (56x3) "Premium Items" being dropped. Premium items I've already stocked up on include vault and stable vouchers, max enchanted items, a few promos, and diamond horse armor.

    I want the items for the most part to follow the theme (ie. emeralds>green>spring, shovels>gardening)

    That being said, I need suggestions. I have about half the inventory, but I do not want to stock up and drop 100k unwanted items. Also, i know dirt fits the theme, but I refuse to waste peoples time with it.

    Please post what you would like to see dropped. Bonus points if it fits the theme. Double bonus points if its a promo under 20k that fits the theme...
  2. No One? (p.s. is this thread in the wrong location?)
  3. Iron is a good filler item
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