[ DROP PARTY ] June 12th!

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Is that chest good?

Yes 7 vote(s) 63.6%
No 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. What?: Drop Party!
    When: June 12th at 10:30PM EMC time
    Why?: 20+ Followers!
    Who?: ww2fan168
    Where?: /v 15430@medium

    Over all price of ALL items: 120k

    Please come out, there will be over 9 promos and a beacon dropped.
    Heres a Screenshot of a chest that will be given away in DP :D
    There is tons more to be dropped but this is just one of the hoppers

    Please come out =)
  2. 1st!
    looking 4rward 2 it
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  3. My last day school is on that day :D
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  4. Thats why I chose that date :D
  5. Is that the last day of american school? Well, I'm guessing not because I don't think there are llama's in america...
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  6. There are in zoo's :D
  7. BUMP, its tomorrow!
  8. Sounds fun. :D Thanks! Congrats on 20 followers. :)
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  9. Cool! Do you accept donations for the dp?
  10. Yes
    , but its today at 10:30PM EMC time,
  11. i saw the dp on the events list, i wish to join in and donate a load of animal eggs and other stuff. :) i probably would have donated if i saw it earlier XD but im glad it isnt too late.
  12. Of all of the times to be banned from MC...
  13. Oh my, that stinks! I'm sorry to hear that.
  14. Ok, BUMP and this begins in 30 minuets!
  15. Dont worry about it.
  16. It is over