DROP PARTY Grand Reopening of SSRC

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  1. Drop party at 3883 on Sunday at 7:00 pm EST on SMP2,
    This is to celebrate the grand reopening of SSRC. In addition, All SSRC members, elections for the SSRC congress will be held afterwards. There will be tons of refreshments at the reception. Please donate items to 3883 if interested. There will be more then 10 chests of items being dropped, don't miss it.
    This Is going to be the largest drop party that SSRC has ever done and you might see some beacons dropped and maybe if were lucky, a dragon egg! power and might.png
    HUGE DROP PARTY at 3883 on Sunday at 7:00 pm EST on SMP2!

    SSRC President - Windylava
  2. Yo that picture is not up to date. Remember what ya did. Since I was in this a while back. I will surely come to the party.
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  3. oh you know i'll be there
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  4. So excited
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  5. Hopefully ssrc helps out not only smp2 but all of EMC as a whole! I'll try to be there but no promises.
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  6. I'll try and make it
  7. Hope i can make it :)
  8. :) I will be sure to be there .....
  9. sweet i will hopefully be there! ;)
  10. that is what our new goal is we used to focus on SMP2 but we are going to focus on helping out everyone now
  11. lol it
    is indeed out of date but i didn't have time tonight to gather new pictures since i have to collect alot of stuff for drop party
  12. I Really Can't wait till Sunday and i hope you tell all your friends about it. I want this to be the largest Gathering and drop party in SSRC history!
    See you at 3883 on Sunday! :D
    with such a large amount of people coming to 3883 advertising is a great opportunity to get your name out there contact me for more information.
  14. Is this American time?
  15. Why do I have to always miss these things ;n;

    Damn you time zones!
  16. 10:00AM aussie time i think...
  17. Good thing it's not today (debate tourment)...
  18. [NOTICE]
    Sunday the 20th at 3:00 PM EST
    Due to Mojang login Sessions being down.

    There is one good thing about this tho........

    Gives me enough time to triple the items being dropped and Increases the possibility of a Dragon Egg being dropped.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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