[ Drop Party ] Drop Party- Cele.

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Is the confirmed items good? =P

yes 9 vote(s) 64.3%
More... 4 vote(s) 28.6%
no 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. Ok, as most of y'all might have noticed I finally made it to 20 followers! This was a goal of mine since I got on the forums, so in celebration to this I will be holding a Drop Party [ will be referred in this thread as "D.P"

    Ok in the DP there is a confirmed 2 promos, and if I get more followers I confirm a nether star or a beacon with it.

    But heres a list of everything Confirmed { More might be added }
    • 5k book- return to me for a free 5k
    • DC of cactus book- return for a free DC of cactus'
    • DC of stone book- return for a free DC of stone
    • Silk Touch I books 3x
    • Protection I books 3x
    • Taste the Freedom [ eat to restore half ur health ] 3x
    • MHF_PigZombie heads 10x
    • Lure III book 1x
    • Diamonds 64x
    • Dancer promo 2014 [ used ] 1x.
    • Pot of gold 1x
    • oak Leaves [ never know when needed =P ] 128x.
    And thats al I can confirm atm. =P
    The date for DP is going to be June 12th may be postponed if something happens to me irl.
    Please come if you can, and thank you for the follows!
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  2. INFO : @Brandtitus has donated 5 dragon stones for this event.
  3. i'll donate a eff 5
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  4. Awesome, I followed you, and I plan to come.
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  5. hmm im offline and i wana give random stuff from my random chest
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  6. Just Pm me on smp7 when u get back on
  7. thats would be in 2 days
  8. ok, just pm me then
  9. Beacon is now added since I have 5 new follows in a couple of hours.
  10. Ill take any donations :D