{DROP PARTY} Celebrating new Stores!

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  1. The +Deco partners are excited to announce that we have opened more stores!!

    Over the past few months we have been working to make sure every smp had a +Deco,and as of October we were able to make that a reality! To celebrate this accomplishment we have decided to host a Drop party @ Rainbowchin's drop party mansion! Without you guys we wouldnt of been able to make this a possibility and we would love if you could join us for this event.

    The party will be held: Smp7 @ 14008
    When: October 22,2016
    What time: 7pm EMC time (est)(right after mob arena)

    ~Donations Welcome~
    When you go to a +Deco res you will see a chest like this photo below. Just drop your items in and say hello! if you see us around.
  2. Woo! So glad this service exists!
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  3. Yay! I'll be sure to stop by one of your stores in the upcoming few days =D
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  4. ooo Sounds fun :p
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  5. Gotta farm some more Harley Heads :)
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  6. Yay! More mini blocks to spend all of our money on :D
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  7. Will see if I can make it
  8. Awesome! Any idea when the smp3 one will open?
  9. Just a heads up that smp3 is open !
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  10. Hopefully my laptop would be fixed before the party!
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  11. Just don't kick people off of the smp cause you're partying to hard. Seems to make them upset.
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  12. Meeeeeee!
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  13. I'm excited! Everything is set up and ready for tomorrow. Hope to see everyone there!
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  14. Extremely Excited!
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  15. Making an alert on my phone so I don't forget :p
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  16. The party is Today!!!! meet us on smp7 @ 14008 7pm EMC time !
  17. I'm ready to stay up until midnight! :p
  18. Since I have been decorating for someone on smp1 I have spent a ton on deco heads :eek::confused::rolleyes:
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