Drop party at 930 on SMP1! | 100th Day on Empire!

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  1. Drop party at 930 at SMP1! It is my celebration for 100th Day on empire!! :D Drop party at 8:00 EST! Here are the people I would like these following people on these wonderful people on the server for leading the way!

    JustinGuy ( Making the awesome server! ), JackBiggin (Being a helpful person and helping me with Macros Keybind Mod :p ), Silken Thread and M4nic_M1ner (Awesome people with great inventions on the business market and marketplace, and for the Quartz Express!), Equinox_Boss (Agreeing with most I said on the forums!), Mystul ( For just being "epic"), Todd_Vinton (Amazing shop at 413 and being a great shop owner), and most importantly, GotFreshCookies (The guy who plays and helped me through ALL the way of the server, being a great friend, and for eating cookies!)

    I would also like to thank ALL the staff for your amazing work! Thank you everyone on helping me on this incredible journey! I hope that I make even more friends and duos to help me!

    Remember, drop party at 930 on SMP1 8:00/8:15 EST!!! Come there early and while waiting, SHOP at 930!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your 100th day!
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  3. I be eating them cookies!
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  4. Thank you everyone for the congrats and for coming to the MEGA drop party! Met some people, got some more people at our store, and had fun! Best 100th Day ever! Remember to come to 930 every MONTH for more drop party's! Also, follow us on the forums for future drop party's! Thank you everyone!