Drinking and driving

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  1. This isn't a minecraft discussion but I know there are a lot of younger players who play on here. I know it may seem like when you're young (and even when you're older) that drinking alcohol is cool and fun and what you need to do every moment you possibly can, but as someone who is older and wiser let me implore you that if once you're 21 (or 18 depending on where you live) please do not drink and drive. I like myself a glass of whiskey from time to time and I've done some stupid stuff in the past but trust me, don't get in the habit when you're young of drinking too much and having that be a regular thing you do.

    In the past few months we have had a few high profile drinking and driving and DEATH stories hit in the city I live in... the latest one is linked below. Good people are dying after being hit by irresponsible people who don't plan properly and decide to drink and drive.


    Just please... trust me... alcohol is overrated really, what it takes away from you is often much much more than what it gives you. Plan ahead. If you know you're going to get drunk on a given night then make sure you have a ride arranged. Don't drive TO the bar so you're not tempted to drive FROM the bar. Use a designated driver if you must or taxis preferably. Or just don't drink if you can't make arrangements.

    These stories make me sad in a way you cannot even imagine. :(
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