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  1. Well, I kinda forgot this when I joined the server :)

    Some people might know me from when I started on smp2, my house is still there. Now I play on smp7 and I own a huge skyscraper here (Its just a visual building now, it was a hotel before).
    I quit the hotel since I started a huge shop together with BeLugh, its at 14141 as many of smp7 people know :)

    Some things about myself, I am a 16 year old male, I am currently in my exam year (In 2 weeks my school will end and I can focus on the exams, which will be coming in May)

    I plan to go do a study in the management section, as thats about the only thing besides gaming which I actually master :D

    I currently live in the eastern part of the Netherlands a nice small village where everyone knows each others, I am not a farmer as some might guess :)

    Anything else you want to know feel free to ask! :)
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  2. Belated welcomes to you!
  3. Well I remember when you joined on smp2 and I told you I liked that skrillex wool structure you made ;) I also know you from the forums :p Anyway, welcome! :)
  4. I don't know you, but welcome anyway :D
  5. You don't need to "know" the person to welcome them :p