Drawing Ideas Needed!

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  1. Hey,

    I cannot think of anything to draw. I need ideas of what to draw. I've drawn christmas trees, teddy bears, snowmen, elves, spaceships, candy canes, and yes, parker, fish.
    If you come up with good ideas, please help me xD the ones I like will be drawn :)
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  2. Draw Miley Cryus eatin a bananna
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  3. I did actually draw Escotic putting wreaking ball on the TFM TV xD
  4. hehehe. Draw a brick listening to lavender town music. :p
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  5. Draw... A dragon setting EMC on fire and people in armor and weps getting ready to charge and strike at it. :)
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  6. Draw me like one of your french desserts
  7. oh god xD (might actually do that xD)
  8. Oh noes. Not Escotic D:
  9. yes, how could he.
  10. Draw a beacon :3
  11. Draw a tomato named Bob riding a cow made out of ice cream :p