Draw Your OC's!

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  1. Hello Again! Tis' I! Anyways, I'd like to present to you a physical task. A drawing task!

    I'd like all you lovely people to draw your OC's! Now, you may be asking: "PINK! What in the world of minecraft is an OC?". And to answer that, It's a charater that you make up that is you but doesnt look like or act like you. Say your a shy, quiet person with chocolate brown hair and grey eyes. Your OC could be a loud and brave person with blue hair and green eyes!

    Now, you also have to describe your OC and name their relations. Now, get drawing!

    Also, just to start this thread off...

    My OC! (artwork not by me, but by Chewsy):

    (PS: Artwork doesnt need to be by you but it needs to be drawn, not animated)
  2. So my OC is gonna be the person I am on EMC :p Total opposite of the me in real life.(will insert in picture later when I get time)