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  1. Does anyone want to play draw something? Post your username on here or just pm me if you want, figured a thread with usernames would be nice for bored people wishing to draw stuff. I'll get my username in a moment... got it,


    Also, post some pictures of stuff you've made if you want! Let me get some of mine...
  2. Steven7485, anyone can play with me .-.

  3. Supposed to be a swan, not duster :p

    Oh my, those are some large photographs
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  4. What is this draw something you speak of? Is it like Depict on the App Store?
  5. My drawings are as good as a fish, but I'll give it a go.
  6. Dunno what depict is, but basically draw something is a free app where you're given a word, and you must draw this word for another player, in hopes that they will guess what it is.
  7. kev - idk about a username - but i do have it for my facebook if ya wanna add me using it :) (you should know my name by now :p)
  8. So it's like Pictionary?
  9. Hmm maybe Caleb Ferguson?
  10. maybe, just maybe ... but which one? hehe
  11. Uh this one?
  12. touché ... me adding a link might of made it easier hehe