Dramatic latency increase?

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Do you notice the lag on SMP6?

Yes! 5 vote(s) 50.0%
No. 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Not terrible right now, but it has been better. 3 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. Anyone else noticing that SMP6 is almost unbearably lag-ridden? Takes forever to get most mining/smelting done now since the implementation of the new bukkit software and 1.2.3 patch.
    Is this a known issue? If so is there any information that can be shared in regards to the progress of implementing a fix for it? Thanks in advance.
  2. i hate this lagg.
  3. Right now, it's lagging on all the servers, I think :(
  4. smp2 is lagging too :mad:
  5. Yeah it is due to the New world height each chunk is bigger what means more chunks to load so basically if you stay in you own residence and don't use any auto farm/massive redstone contraptions its fine and I have no lag on SMP2 The only time I have lagged is when it crashed :/ ages ago.

    Lets hope its only temp or Justin Might have to buy more servers what means more supporters are needed to keep them running or the Internet what the servers are hosting on could be week at the moment who knows :/
  6. Just FYI: Segments (16 block high parts of chunks) are not loaded into memory when they are empty in (vanilla) 1.2.3. So the actual memory load should be lower.
  7. But the load on the CPU is higher? as it takes it more time to compute which chunks should be loaded into the memory?
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  8. true but when people have high buildings that does cause lag to (The blocks are loaded when you can see it)

    But its just with all the extra things like eggs and cats it uses more to run them smoothly basically its the update or the Internet the server is run on not the Server its self SMP2 should have next to no lag atm Its brand new (Well I do play in GMT+0 (UK) so there are only like 34 people on at at time :/
  9. Sorry guys, I know it doesn't run as well as MC 1.1, just like at first that didn't run as well as 1.0 and that as 1.9. Mojang has never really focused on multiplayer improvements, they just keep piling more things to process on the top. I am doing all I can and so is the bukkit project to get it in a more stable place :)
  10. hehe, thanks for an official reply Justin. Just thought I may have been going crazy >.< I don't think I wish to play anymore though until it's fixed :( Having to take like 2 min to get 4 blocks of sand is just too much for me :S As soon as the server load reaches over 40 out of the 60 freebie slots it becomes impossible to do anything :S And the only time server load isn't like that is late at night when I can't play XD Count me out until it's fixed :S

    PS: That means my shop on SMP6 (12124) is now only a single floor store (Sunset_777's stuff). Too much lag = no mining = no shop
  11. Angelus, That is more your internet lag then the server lag, Do this for me a sec.

    Command prompt
    then type Ping smp(serveryouuse).empireminecraft.com and then give me the MS times that show up.
  12. My average latency is 103 which isn't all that bad really, I was playing with this latency previous to the 1.2.3 patch.
    Since 1.2.3 anytime there is a considerable amount of people on the server it becomes unbearable to mine or dig up sand. And as I don't build and I just run a shop, that's all I do at all when I play. So I cancelled my subscription until I hear from the g/f that it's been fixed X3 Just can't be bothered to pay/play when it takes minutes to get a tiny amount of sand (like 4 blocks takes almost 1 or 2 minutes with them constantly replacing themselves).

    PS: I still consider this to be my favorite server of all time, just as of late not worth playing on :S
  13. Ange, Try utopia, There is no lag there, What server are you on at the time?