Dragonorb18 no more.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaJaKoe, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, my name is DaJaKoe. But my name was Dragonorb18. Some time ago I tried getting my own account but the region I lived in prevented it, so my friend, the real Dragonorb18, shared his account. I called myself a "Perack" or Permissioned Hack/Shared account. I will be trying to sort out some stuff including XP, my res and rupees so I won't be using this account just yet.

    While Dragonorb18, I partook in all sorts of stuff like the LLO, I own a house of ice there, making EEJester's ice ceiling which he later melted to flood his res, that/those idiot(s) named Crabs/Craspcraft, the wild resets, GameKribJeremy becoming IceCreamCow, the formation of Delta Team and their departure and the first player lead expedition to the End during 1.0.0. I'm hoping the forums will help me socialize, as many of my friends met on EMC have left or been banned including Psycotick22, Champ7102, Thierry200, Warlockgnu12, Awsomeantz1. Feel free to stop by my rather nooby and trashy residence of 4004.