Dragonica (Dragon Saga) Online

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  1. So, there's an awesome manga-styled MMORPG that I really enjoy, called Dragonica, AKA Dragon Saga.

    It's really awesome but doesn't have very much players anymore, and I wondered....
    Does anyone here, on EMC, play it?

    It's a small game, but still, we're 40k people here?
    Someone around here more than me gotta play it....

    If you play it please post it here wit your Main Character's Lv, Race, Guild and Class, I'd love to know that!

    If you don't know what Dragonica/Dragon Saga is you can read about it here

    IF you choose to install, it, I should warn you!

    The download sometimes messes up and needs some extra "help" to install properly.
    Just ask me in a Conversation if you need help on installing!

    I should also warn you with extremely low PC space (like me :3) that it takes 2732 MB of space once it's installed.

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Start talking about this game now!
  2. I am downloading now, hope we can become friends or whatever they call it in there in game.
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  3. 3hr 9min 33sec left! Woo!
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  4. I cant use the link. It says it cant display webpage. :(
  5. I used to play this i got to lv. 39 than stopped playing got to hard to level up no matter how many dungeons i play:mad:! But other than that RLY great game I was a gladiator. :D
  6. Lol, seems like i typed the link a bit wrong.

    Fixed! ;)
  7. It really is hard to level up later in the game, especially when you are Lv. 53, like me.

    Gladiators are awesome at PvP, wish I could level mine up faster! (I got 1 of each class :3)
  8. I want to play again but There Used to be (none anymore) Philippine server's.
  9. There's not very many people on in the European Servers either :(
  10. Main character's lvl- 7 0r 8 (I just joined)
    Race- Human
    Guild- Not in one right now
    Class- Archer
  11. I play Dragon Nest... :oops:
  12. Archer is a good choice!

    Since you're not in any Guild then I personally invite you to Arc Lords, my very own guild.

    It says Emsa is the Guild Master, but he's my IRL friend and took the lead since I had to be gone for a long time, I'll get it back soon.

    I think we should start a Conversation about this.

    Cya in game!
  13. I'll probably look that up some day, probably when I get bored of both Dragonica and MineCraft, haha...

    In the meantime, you really should look at Dragonica, I'd love to play with you :D
  14. I will. It looks awesome. Maybe when I clear some space on my computer tomorrow i'll install it. I've used up 160GB of my 2TB on my PC :p
  15. We should make a guild called EMC or something!
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  16. I could sacrifice Arc Lords for that :D

  17. It's not sending verification link to my email, has anyone else had this problem?
  18. Are you sure you typed it in 100% right?
    If yes, I guess just try again <.<
  19. *Face cake* but a comma instead of period for .com
    EDIT: Downloading now!
    DOUBLE EDIT: Windows only game...... :(
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  20. You don't have Windows? Awww :( :(