Dragon Tomb Update

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  1. I know many people have waited with baited breath in anticipation of the Dragon Tomb update that is supposed to allow us to use dragon eggs to set aside areas of the wild to be like town res's with permissions and such.

    My question is this (and maybe this has been asked before - or answered before) - with the Towny type server plugins that are out there that allow the kinds of land benefits that have been proposed, I'm wondering why we haven't seen this update hit the server yet.

    I am well aware that it's possible Aikar is working night and day on this project due to the complexities of the idea you are generating for all of us gamers. But I just wondered if there is an update on this update :D

  2. Have you seen the list of bug fixes and updates Aikar has to do before releasing the DTU?
    He has to make sure the server runs smoothly first.
  3. I think Aikar's priority is bug fixes and patches to fix the servers, then things to make it better. Dragon tombs will come soon, we all just have to wait and be patient. Aikar is working extremely hard on bringing this to EMC.
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  4. Aikar is definitely working hard for all of us here. Thank you Aikar for all you are doing!
  5. Akar has been working hard to improve the servers and stuff for all servers in general, in preparation for DTU. So he is working on it, just possibly not directly.

    But I have a feeling they will come with the MC 1.5 update with the wastelands. (crossing fingers)
  6. Hint, hint...
  7. Lols take the hint look at ur post before AIkar sees
  8. Maybe they already came out but Aikar is just waiting for someone to stumble blindly across one in the wild...
  9. I think they will be in the wasteland (or wild that gets reset) because I remember reading he will reset the locations now and then. Makes sense that the locations will be reset with the wild/wasteland/frontier(or w/e it will be) reset.
  10. Lol I meant he already let them out.
  11. I know what you meant, I was saying there probably not going to be in the wild that we have now. But in the one that gets reset every once in while.
  12. I believe Aikar said they would be in regular wild.
  13. this is now a aikar appreciation thread
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