Dragon stone shard problems??

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Well I (as most of you probably are) am trying to get a bunch of dragon stones in preparation for the DRAGON TOMBS. Well unfortunately me with my GOD bow, and or my looting III sword cant, for some odd reason, get any fragments. I in the last 2 weeks have killed over 30 engaged and haven't seen a single fragment on the ground.. Can anyone possibly tell me why? I had recently talked to a MOD and he told me that possibly i need to take damage from the enraged to get a good drop. so i started to take damage, get hit once or twice or six times, but sadly no dragon shards for me...

    Please anyone if you have any advice please share it
  2. are you getting other drops? If so, then your doing everything right and just having bad luck.

    You do not need to take damage.
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  3. im getting other stuff yes
  4. Fragments are pretty rare... Even while fighting minibosses with 30+ enraged mobs, the most I have gotten in 1 go is 4.
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  5. see what gets me though is. the day i heard about dragon stone shards i went out killed 3 enraged and got 2 fragments and within 4 days i got a stone
    now i cant get anything
  6. I have 30k TEXP and have gotten 4, if that gives a decent estiamte. All that is from mobs. It's very rare though, and 2 of those fragments were from one mob :p
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  7. I've gotten quite a bit from hounds, enough to make a dragon stone in fact
  8. Drop rates may or may not have been nerfed after a couple of days... I know Aikar made some pretty major changes to the way minibosses worked and redid drop rates to account for looting. Not sure about that, but could also be a factor.