dragon stone fragment

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  1. selling 4 dragon fragments buy

    selling them together

    price - 7000r
    min bid - 200r

    24 hours last valid bid

    pickup only res number - 2374 smp1

    happy buying ;)
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  2. Is this a auction or a selling thread?
  3. *Ahem*, AceGamer7...
    You may not 'sell' in this manner.
    For one, this is not the correct spot for an auction,
    For two, you cannot auction only 4 dragon fragments in the 'auctions' thread (minimum one stack of fragments).

    You can however,
    1) Have players PM you with offers... You can take the 'best offer' you get.
    2) Sell or auction in game, however keep 'bidding' for everybody in res chat.
    (keep in mind, if you do an in-game auction, players must be in res/local chat only to keep town chat free of auction 'spam' and be sure to sell them for whatever the 'final' offer is... don't have an in-game auction then decide you do not wish to 'sell' them and waste everybody's time)

    Locking this thread. Please read the above and review the forum posting rules again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.