Dragon Stone, Cooked Turkey Combo

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  1. You really want to check out those prices, probably 6-8k for the dragon stone and 500r or less for cooked turkey.
  2. Interesting. I guess the prices have gone way down from the last time I checked. I've seen dragon stones go for 20k recently at well-known shops.
  3. No idea where this is, someone else can confirm or deny my statement, but I haven't seen em go for 20k since last december(2014).
  4. shavingfoam-3 sells em' for 20k each and he keeps his prices up-to-date.
  5. Dragon stones aren't worth 20k anymore. They are worth about 7-9k and the cooked turkey is about 500r-1k.
  6. Shav sells them for 20k as he doesn't stock them. By doing this he basically can say he has stock, although you would be ridiculous to buy them from him. His prices are good in most places, but certain items, less effort is applied. Not every price is perfect anywhere. If shav were to stock these in large amounts they would be much cheaper, but shav doesn't spend his time farming stones.
  7. That's the thing, I don't either. This is probably the only dragon stone I will ever have a dragon stone in my possession.
  8. This doesnt mean you can just sell it more expensive, you must deal with the market and sell it at the average price. Dragon stones are fairly easy to get though. Just go out and kill a momentus or 2 depending on difficulty you will by far have enough shards to make at least 1 stone.