Dragon Hunter Team [RECRUITING]

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  1. Hey guys. If you haven't already heard, coming soon to EMC will be a new addition to EMC that includes the chance for all of EMC to own a Dragon Egg and fight the Ender Dragon. Each person that fights the dragon will get the benefits that comes with slaying the mighty beast such as the Dragon Egg and the XP. The Dragon Egg although a nice piece of decor is better used as a monetary device to buy land in the wild. To fight the dragon you must trek out with a team of 5 or more,, find the portal to fight the dragon and using more basic armor and weapons you must kill the mighty beast. I am going to set up a team of dedicated dragon slayers. If you would like to join:

    please leave your name below:
    why you wanted to join:
    why I should let you on the team
    and what you bring that not many others can't:
    Good luck and you should probably read this post if you don't have a clue about what I am talking about.

    *EDIT* I'd prefer you have Skype to join
  2. Can I Join??

    Name: nfell2009
    Why?: I wanna be the best slayers and be able to claim land in the wild so I can build safely with loads of dragon eggs!

    EDIT 2: I got skype! nfell2009
  3. Check my edit sorry ;)
  4. add more to my OP
  5. You're in
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