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  1. Well, most people know of the Dragon Tomb update. There will be this cool boss that will be a dragon.
    Why not give him a awesome but very rare drop? As we are updating to 1.9 the Dragon Head is going to be released in vanilla minecraft. So why not make it a awesome drop with the attributes, -soulbound, -final, and the enchantments, -protection 3, -fire protection 3, blast protection 3, respiration 3, torns 1.
    So yeah, even thought this maybe to OP(Over Powered), we could lower the enchantments. Well I hope you like it :D.
  2. if im right you can do it with codes
  3. I don't think Aikar will have enchantments on it if he does it. Normal heads are quite rare in 1.9 and having dragon tombs drop enchanted ones would ruin the market for regular ones.
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  4. As Crafter said, having enchantments would be too good, but having it as a normal drop would be great.
    I think it should be a very rare drop, perhaps 1.5% chance upon death.
    This would become quite a desired item, so having rare chances would encourage the use of dragon tombs and the exploration of the wilderness, which is good.
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  5. well k, maybe removing enchantments will be better, but lets keep the attribiutes
  6. No, I think keeping it pure would be better. Let it behave like a normal head drop: rare and a normal item.
  7. well maybe
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  8. I think we should keep it the way you suggested it. It's not like Prot 3 on a normal item is good. And it's not going to "ruin the market for the normal ones" because it's not a freaking normal one. Them releasing a Haunted Mask didn't hurt the economy for Jack oLanterns. People. Just because something is a promo doesn't mean it will be breaking the economy.
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