Dragon egg. ( ENDER DRAGON )

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  1. i would like to know the res num of the dragon eggs thanks :D
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  2. What? Even if there was a res full of dragon eggs, you couldn't mine them without flags.
  3. im not asking to take them. im asking to see how ppl display them. i hear about them all the time and got to wondering
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  4. SMP2 3456 At Leowaste's shop. Other than that I'm unsure.
  5. Thought he blow it up :p lol
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  6. Wait what?! C'mon...Even though my head is a block of TNT it doesn't mean that I'll blow up. But I might anyway, and then respawn as the enderdragon with a block of TNT in its head. XD
  7. You know I was joking right that's why I put " :p" in the sentence
  8. Hmm. I think I knew that, but creepers have an IQ of 0.000109
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  9. Dragon eggs are at:
    3553, 3456, 3004, (somewhere on smp3) and SMP2 wild. (find it yourself :p)
  10. Alright ..
  11. I bet you didn't know that.
  12. There was a dragon egg in 3456, but Leowaste had blow it to pieces!
  13. That s a joke! Read all the comments there! :D
  14. I found the dragon egg in the wild! :p I'll give you the co-rd .......
  15. Really, give me them!
  16. Trolling. Haha
  17. I just need a pick to break the bedrock around it!:p
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  18. "Thumbs Up"
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  19. leo did blow the egg up but he got it back. he was trolling us
  20. "Thumbs down" for Leowaste