Dragon egg challenge

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  1. Well, so I was thinking, (This thinking thing isnt going to well for me, Im soooo tired) with the ability to be able too get dragon eggs in the close future, I and some other people should form a team too do it,

    REGULATIONS (Have I spelt this right)
    .You need too be able to fit in with UK timezone (I will try and do this on saturday because I can go on all day to fit in with some other time zones)
    .You need too have beaten the ender dragon on atleast normal mode
    .Dont be a scardey cat :) I will make fun of you if you are :)
    Im looking for about 8-12 people :)
    Ill supply armor and food and weapons (of your choice) for finding the portal (If you dont already have some)
  2. Okay [EDIT] Any amount of people over 8 I will be happy with and forget the ender dragon thing just be okay-ish at fighting...
    The more people we have the better and easyer it will get (and more expensive for me...) so yea, tell your friends and dont forget too mention that im buying all the neccisary things :). Also Im planning to try and get more than one dragon egg if possible! So the team might just have 2 or 3 dragon eggs each! Enjoy guys also ill make a banner thingy :)
  3. You do realize that the ability to fight the ender-dragon and earn dragon eggs has not yet been implemented don't you? IcecreamCow has merely released an update on what will happen when the update to EMC is released...
  4. I think he did, as he mentioned that it would be possible within the near future

    I'm all for joining this little group though
  5. Sorry but just let me point out a few things
    I mentioned that it would be in the near future on my 1st post...
    Its she not he :) (I really need too change my pic)
    And thanks for joining Kev :)
  6. I might be able to join and get a few others onboard too! :)
  7. No problem

    And uh... sorry for the gender confusion :p
  8. I'll join and bring maybe 1 or 2 friends with me. On which server do you plan to find the portel? I and my friends are on smp1. UK has the Timezone GMT0 and Germany GMT+1, so that is not a problem.
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  9. Save the resources, I heard that we wont be bringing stuff into the arena from the outside.
  10. Yeah count me in. :)
  11. I wanna join!
  12. Yes but finding a portal could make armor useful, as the OP said :)
  13. Could we not just use the live map to find one? Or are they going to be more difficult to find than just looking on the live map?
  14. btw im trying to make a texture pack and the site isnt loading
    Sorry for off topic
  15. Livemap will NOT be showing portals... Portals will be found by randomly stumbling upon them while mining..
    There will be no hints to the location or even when you are close. You simply will have to be digging - and open up into a cavern where a portal is sitting :)

    Even Xray does not help for finding them, as you'd have to first find a chunk one is actually even in before you could xray it, and even then, its difficult!
  16. maybe, this may incourage x ray texture packs! :eek: they scan more then 1 chunk!
    NOT GOOD!!!
  17. So are they exclusively underground in caverns, or will they spawn above ground also?
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  18. They will not spawn above ground.
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  19. This sounds pretty fun. What are the portals made of?