Dragon Egg Auction Discussion thread

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  1. Lets use this thread as a space to discuss the EGG auction and to stop further de-railing of the main thread

    So is this the most expensive auction in EMC history?

    And what are you thoughts on last min bids... its all hotting up eh..
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  2. I wonder who Robot borrowed some of the money off of...
  3. It was.... YOU!
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  4. I have been really tempted to Comment on the Auction thread- but simply clicked the Follow button instead. I am quite entertained by it.
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  5. The Mob Mafia :p, should be interesting 2 Mintues before dead line
  6. Yes, I think robot chickster will go nuts... but its funny as hell...
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  7. I'm 95% sure Xandrow will bid 2 min before it ends..
  8. Lets not rule out PT he's has 4M
  9. Speaking of absurd amount's of cash, who's the richest member on emc? It would be pretty funny for them to swoop in and insta-win.
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  10. Quoting Biscuit's post about 6 eggs:

  11. I want an egg. So I can raise my own baby....
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  12. 4 hours left to GO!!!
  13. Only 5 eggs, one egg was lost to lava
  14. o.o
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  15. Which haven't been removed from the ends or destroyed?
  16. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Utopia. And one of those was lost.
  17. I bet that was a FUUUUUUU moment.