Dragon Cave- "Trick or Treat"?

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  1. What is the "trick or treat" thing about on dragcave.net? i click on things that look out of the ordinary and it adds it to the list but what is it for?
  2. Just a little Halloween thing TJ09 has going on. Those appear randomly all over Dragcave, and you can collect them by clicking on them. Nobody except TJ knows how many there are, but most people think there's 30-35 of them.
  3. Margiratte (or however you spell that moderator's name) told me there were like hundereds of them
  4. Yeah, there probably are hundreds of them. Most are from previous Halloweens.
  5. It's a badge gimmick. Click on the images, and get a trick or treat pumpkin badge. Fill the basket by collecting more and more images. Like I said, I have almost 30 of those little images collected, and my basked doesn't look any fuller, so there must be a ton. I know from the wiki that in previous years there have been over a hundred to collect.
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  6. what kind of prizes can u get from them? a special dragon?
  7. You get a 'Trick Or Treat' trophy from collecting one of them.
  8. ok
  9. Oh, it changes at 30 :D