Dragon Cave Trading Post

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  1. So I decided to bring my trades over here as they go continue to go unnoticed in the dragon cave forums, and as such I think it would be cool to have a trading post here for people to trade or gift dragons.. :3

    To start it off, I have this 2nd gen Purebred Hellfire Wyvern up for trade.. :3 (Lineage is in trade posting)
    Please make offers on it.. xD
    Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
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  2. Free:
    1 Really, Really Messy 22nd gen Summer from AP Rescue (Confirmed Dorkface Lineage, Confirmed Inbreeding:()
    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Do you have a magi?
  4. Wow, that egg has Bright Pinks and Frilled Dragons in its lineage!

    I want to trade a Red Dorsal for a Pillow.
  5. Its free to whoever wants it.. I got it in an AP rescue and was giving it away because I already have seasonal dragons.. <,<

    I can breed magi eggs if only I wasn't egglocked with eggs everyone want but no one is willing trade for.. :( .. If you go onto the DC Forums, The New BSA Gifters thread in the Trading Sub-Forum can help with BSA dragon except Vampires and Green dragons because of the potential to kill eggs..
  6. Ill trade my New Sunstone, not pictured in my sig, or a velvet for anything I deem interesting.
  7. I have a 5th gen dorkface. If anyone cares...
  8. By velvet you mean Pillow?
  9. Grabbed it... Thanks a ton! :D

    Edit: Those great-great-great-great-great-great Bright Pink grandparents... :eek:
  10. I will trade my soul for wyverns.
    You may have to share it, though...
  11. Give me a good trade, and I'll give you my Golden Wyvern.
  12. I'd try to get a good egg for you, but there is a massive pile of eggs blocking the way, and I can't bring myself to walk past them without a guilty conscience.

    All seven of my Dragons are adults, and they are all male. I cannot offer anything. :(
  13. I have a purebred Hellfire Wyvern for trade in the first post, I am in need of the Pale Pink eggs (the BSA one), but will consider pretty much any offer.. :3
  14. Darn, if Tanith wasn't an adult, I'd trade her for that Pillow hatchie if possible!
  15. I may not use my sig...
  16. You can get more from the ap!
  17. As I said somewhere else, I got this Golden Wyvern itself off the AP!
  18. I tend to prefer caveborn, if only because I like the thought of having more of a family on my scroll rather than a mishmash of stolen people. Inbred isn't good, either.
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  19. I hate to dwell on the negative, but that egg is considered extremely common, so you may have trouble finding a trader. Good luck though!;)