Dragon cave problem.

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  1. Every time i click on a seasonal dragon cave egg it always says that the dragon it just says "Try as you might, you cannot seem to find the egg you are looking for in the abandoned area. " can someone please help me?
  2. I think people are just getting them fast!
  3. Have you got one yet margaritte?
  4. I'll tell you how I got mine.
    It takes a while, though. I was getting a halloween about every 7-10 minutes after I figured it out.

    You may think "refresh and click on ALL the eggs!"
    That's not going to work. You need to pick a certain egg spot (mine was the 4th one in the list) and refresh until you see "7 days left" in the time remaining. That's a Halloween egg. Don't even wait to see what it is, just click on it.

    If you're fast enough, you'll get it. Most people are going for the first spot, so you have a much higher chance there.
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  5. Do you know if there is a shortcut to refresh and thanks.
  6. If you use windows like the majority of the world, "f5"
    Maybe fn-f5, depending on your setup.
  7. Ok thanks
  8. People are snatching them up really fast. Nothing you can do. I've been trying for a halloween egg for the past 2 hours and still haven't got one. It takes time.
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  10. Go with crazy's idea i got one in almost 3 mins
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  11. And this one in 30 seconds.
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  12. Well I got my eggs at 2 a.m. so....... wait until its really late and there aren't many people on?
  13. One of your shadow walkers is a 3rd gen thuwed. :)
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  14. What are you peopletalking about?
  15. What do i do after clicking the egg? I gave me a html code and bbc code.
  16. You wait for people to view it. If you're not active on the forums, your eggs are completely screwed.

    Also, click 'reply' at the bottom right corner of a post so people know who you're talking to :)
  17. Whats with the ghosts that i keep seeing?
  18. This is not completely true. I often use http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/ to make sure my dragons get all the views they need.
  19. all of the eggs in the AP say 7 days remaining...