Dragon Cave Breeding

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  1. Dear Dragon Cave Breeders,

    Do you have a rare dragon you can breed? Well why not be generous to somebody who wants, say, a nebula, and give it to them for some rupees? It's a pretty easy way to get rupees and get a dragon that you want.

    Just name the price of your dragon (note: It doesn't have to be rare) and the first person to buy your dragon wins!
    *Maximum Amount Of Rupees is 1,000r a dragon.
    *You may only sell a batch of 3 dragons or less at a time.

    Have fun :D
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  2. I only take breed requests in the form of PMs, mod-style.

    DO NOT write on my profile if you have a breed request.
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  3. I could breed you something for a Black Dragon.
  4. Well, I can try to get a black dragon egg, I'll take a look at your scroll
    EDIT: a blusang, or a nebula will be a good trade, but black dragons are pretty rare.....
  5. I can do either of those. Which do you want?
  6. I can probably do, to get you a rare:
    Nebula x Thuwed
    Blusang x Thuwed.
    Thuwed is a Vine.
  7. Sorry, but nvm. I got a Black off the AP!
  8. Thats where I got my blacks, how about a thunder dragon?
  9. For you or for me?
  10. My optimal trade would be a Thunder for you and a Magma for me.
  11. I meant, I'd pay rupees for a thunder egg whenever you could breed it.
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