Dragon Catching Team

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  1. Hello :D With the new dragon egg update coming and all, I wanted to start up a dragon egg catching team. I have always wanted a dragon egg on EMC, and i'm sure others have always wanted one too.
    So this is why I made the team.

    Me & Starpuncher are the founders, and we will both have a dragon egg for smp3 :p I need 3 more members to help us kill the dragon and then we can all have eggs :)

    First 3 people who want in get in :p We will all find a portal together, and we will all share our spoils in the chest room. We will do it on smp8
    (I chat to people in town on smp1, I chat to people in town on smp2, I live on smp3, I have a wild base on smp4, 5, 6 (I was moving out of that to move to paradise point), and I live at the LLO on smp7). Also, don't ask about the multicoloured post. I thought it looked nice and i'm trying it out for future threads.
  2. The update hasn't yet been done.

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  5. Permission to add the 5 derps, sir!?
  6. In :D
    In too :p
  7. Go ahead.
  8. are you still interested in people joining and what time would it be going on once the update comes out
  9. I need 1 more person and when the update comes out would be great.
  10. I would like to join.

    I made a banner also!

  11. then i guess im ur man
  12. can i in the team?
  13. I would love to join! But why don't you just publicly announce the finding of a portal, and once an army comes, storm it!