Dr Pepper Minecraft Skin WANTED

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  1. Hello i need a Dr Pepper Minecraft skin :)
    Best skin creator wins 20,000 R

    SoulPunisher is in the lead.
  2. My dog's name is Pepper :p We named her after pepper pig and we had a fancy dress day and dressed her up as dr. pepper.

    I'll go work on your skin :D
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  3. Please PM Me The Result.

  4. Pepper is such a cute name :D
  5. I can't help but I'd like to see the end result.
  6. I will try to make a cool skin...
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  7. Ill make sure that happens :)
  8. PM :D
    Remove this and send me a PM :)
  9. I could probably get text on that... (MY VERSION)
  10. I tried every way I could think of. By using a text tool, using colour, and using the dr. pepper logo. I couldn't do it.
  11. Here it is! This does have a D.P. Text on it. Tell me if there is any probs with the skin! :D
    Um... Tell me your e-mail. I can't seem to post the image on the chat thingy