Double Zombie Spawner

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  1. I have a double spawner to get rid of as I am just bored with it. It made need to be re-worked as I am not a pro at it. The spawners are 5 blocks diagonal apart and I am leaving all my stuff there too. There are pics included. If you have any questions let me know. Make me an offer.
    1st spawner.jpg furnaces.jpg Garden.jpg Incomplete quarry.jpg More chests.jpg NetherPortal.jpg Stuff left behind2.jpg 2ns spawner.jpg
  2. Is it a double spawner or a double grinder? if its a grinder i will buy it
  3. What server? Price?
  4. It's a zombie grinder but like I stated in the forums..I'm no pro at it. It is on SMP7 and pretty far out but there is a nether portal to it. The zom cages are 6 blocks apart and in the same enclosure if that helps explain any better. I have used it often and it goes really well. By the time I have done a few things above it (gardening, smelting etc.) it has built up pretty good. Someone my consider tweaking it though.
  5. I would love to buy it. How much would you like?
  6. Make me an offer...
  7. erm, starting offer : 10k?
  8. Ill pay 15k, I just need a better image on how it is set up.
  9. I don't have any pics of the inside because I got murdered every time I tried.
  10. I just got tired of messing with it to be honest. Took the pics I could and left. It's actually about 4000 out...I just went to 7 to see. The nether part of it I only used leaving...always died to get back.
  11. What resource pack are you using? :)
  12. Misa'a...but it's not completely updated. Some of the newer flowers are default. I just like it so much that I deal with it.
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  13. Correction...5743 out from frontier.
  14. Do I win?
  15. Can you meet me at smp7 in like 5 minutes?
  16. Nice Jack O' Lantern :p
  17. no...someone offered me mucho rupees...sry.