Double Marlix Suicude

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  1. It was an eventful day today, with a marlix in the morning, momentous at lunch and another marlix at supper time. Here's the problem.

    Whilst fighting the marlix in the morning, it went into unloaded chunks, to be seen later.
    The momentous was killed and dropped 2 Dragon stone fragments, but no tokens.
    Whilst fighting the marlix just now, it bunced me into a ravine and went into unloaded chunks too. I climber out to find the previous marlix. I was fighting if for about 10m when it committed suicide. It dropped no tokens or drops. I then found the second marlix, and was fighting it for 10m, when it also committed suicide and gave no tokens nor dropped anything.

    In this instance, suicide = spontaneous death for no reason.

    Anyone know why this is happening?
  2. Committed suicide? Was it raining?
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  3. No, it was not. The second marlix also had no helmet.
  4. Strange, I don't know what was wrong then :(
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  5. When I say suicide I mean it was flying next to me then 'marlix has fallen'
  6. Still I don't understand why. Could be a bug or glitch?
  7. I'm not sure, that's why I came to the help section. :confused: