Double grinder + Slime Farm

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Manglex, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Just wanted a price on what a double grinder zombie+skele and a slime farm, (RIGHT next to each other, like.. same place literally.) What would it go for?
  2. duo grinder 30k-40k slime farm- 60k - 100k
  3. 100k? That seems like a lot.. haha
  4. i dont really know. they are together which is rare.
  5. I know! I saw the slime spawn and I was all like "what tha.."
  6. I would say 50k max. :) Slime chunks aren't too rare ahaha.
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  7. I was thinking around 40k, seeing as you have to flip the kill switch on the grinder to get the slime to start spawning.
  8. Yeah, true -- sounds fair.
  9. Redstone lamps around the spawner, hooked up to a lever that lights up the room turning off the grinder. :)
  10. I'd buy this but I dont have 40k...Leo don't hurt me with this.
  11. Just need to find them xD
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