Double Chest of the Strongest Power 1 Enchanted Bows from the Karro Dimension

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  1. These aren't your normal bows or power 1 bows. These bows are the strongest bows you can find that are called power 1. It was found in the Karro dimension underground.

    The starting bid for these bows are 200 rupees.
    Minimum bid increase is 50 rupees.
    Bidding ends after 24 hours of the last valid bid.
    The items are an extremely strong double chest of Karro power 1 bows.
    Pickup is on Smp7 res 14901. There will be an access chest for you in the under ground area past the nether wart farm I have.
  2. BUMP!!!
  3. BUMP and lowering starting price to 150r
  4. so far Jacob5089 is winning with 150 rupees. Also, BUMP!
  5. Fmanjnwebkndkndinsinckdncisb!
  6. You have won with 400 rupees jacob5089. Once you pay you will gain an access chest on the res. Go downstairs and past the nether wart to find your access chest.
  7. I will pay as soon as possible. Should be able to get on tonight.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.