Double chest of Redstone!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by o0_Jetfire_0o, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Apparently the first on ever to be auctioned off!
    Double chest of Redstone
    Starting bid: 1000r

    maximum bid increase: 1000r

    Minimum bid increase: 50r
    Bidding will end 30 hours after last bid!

    Let the bidding commence!
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  2. You can never have too much Redstone.
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  3. Oh My Gawd. I love redstone.
    Too bad i play too much tekkit now.
    I will try to sell all the glowstone I have and get back here ASAP
    bid: W.I.P
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  4. In 3 hours rayson1357 will win the bid :)
    rayson if you do win i will be on at that time so you can collect straight away if you want to.
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  5. bidding is over,
    i will set up collection tomorrow.
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  6. oops wait it isnt i thought i was 24 hours...derp
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  7. when you pay i will put up a chest for you on smp7 15440
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  8. Sounds good. I'll transfer the money now.
  9. Darn, wish I'd seen this yesterday to bid 2k as that 10k bid was invalid according to the op. :(
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  10. The MAX bid is 1k.. he raised by 9k..

    Invalid auction.
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  11. Thats true! So that means mark won!
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  12. That's how I would look at it.
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  13. well damn. or darn. or whatever. invalid? well i think it was under understandable circumstances. its money.
  14. Well, I'm good with whatever is decided. I've already transfered the money. As long as I get it back, it doesn't matter to me. I do see your point, a max bid increase is a bit unusual. Didn't notice it.
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