Double chest of Endstone

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  1. Hi everyone. I am currently selling 1 double chest of Endstone and I wonder if anyone is interested in Endstone. Just contact me if you would buy it.
    Starting bid: 4k
    Minimum increase: 100r
    Auction ends: 48 hours after the last bid
  2. 2.5k, i won't go any higher.. its ur choice to accept this offer
  3. It´s not an auction, but I´ll wait 48 hours before I sell it......
  4. "not an auction" sigh.....
  5. It´s not. But I forgot to make a minimum price........
  6. i will give u 3k
  7. EDIT: I´ll make this to an Auction. CreppaNinga235 has the highest bid now
  8. NOone else want to bid?
  9. You can't bid in the community marketplace, make another thread and start again.
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  10. Looks like my bid is invalid xD