Double auction time!

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  1. The two things that are up for auction are a Diamond chest plate, Protection 1, and a Iron sword, Knockback 1. Their both not the greatest enchantment level but I also just want to make a few ruppees.

    The chest plate starts at 100R, and must go up by 25R
    The sword starts at 50R, and goes up by 25R

    Both have been used a little bit but are still in the green.
    To bid for the chest plate, just say chest plate, for sword, just say sword.
    Auction ends at 1:30PM my time.
    The winners can pick them up at my lot, SMP3, 7291.
    You can only pick them up after you have payed.

  2. I'm not going to start it at 10.. A diamond chest plate with out an enchantment doesn't go for less then 100R brand new. I'll start it at 100R but not, a cent, lower. The sword can stay where it is.
  3. Yeah I know but once its above like 175r it wont go higher :/
  4. Protection I only gives 5% extra health thing but the sword is ok but not many people like to bid on swords :/
  5. I just want to make a few ruppees, I bid on a diamond pick, efficiency 4 for 750R or something like that, I'm the only bidder so far.
  6. Yeah Well for the chest ting 150r :)
  7. Thanks! The pick will come in handy for building a obsidian wall around my wild camp!
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  8. Ok you win the chest plate. Pay me the 150R and I will set up a chest.

    Sword auction has been extended to 3:00PM my time.