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  1. Currently set up on the edge of my plot of land, i have my market. From gravel to cobblestone, to wheat and saplings. Al lot of stuff i have in back to replace what is sold out. (Remember, i run a very active farm, so i never run out of wood, pumpkins, wheat or saplings. So I'll eventually sell wood.)
    You'll know it's my house cause it's probably the only one made of V2 sandstone.

    Where I'm at: SMP 8 server and on plot 16074

    What i am selling and the price: (Quantity also)
    -Coal: 14 in stock and going at 2 per 5r.
    -Flint: 55 in stock and going at 5 per 5r.
    -Wheat: 128 in stock and going at 16 per 5r.
    -Glass: 16 in stock and going at 1 per 10r.
    -Bread: 15 in stock and going at 1 per 2r.
    -Pumpkins: 51 in stock and going at 1 per 5r.
    -Bone: 26 in stock and going at 2 per 2r.
    -Fence: 25 in stock and going at 5 per 10r.
    -Sugar Cane: 26 in stock and going at 2 per 2r.
    -Ender Pearl: 1 in stock and going at 1 per 15r.

    Coming soon to shop:
    -Sand (Also sandstone and smooth sandstone)

    (Possibly more)
  2. ur saying coal is somewhat scarce, but i could supply u a ton for like 64 for 32r...I have stacks and Stacks but nothing to do with em xD
  3. Hmm... i searched over a lot of wild and never found. Thanks for info.
  4. k u dont need a supplier or partner?
  5. Only for coal. I have enough gravel to get flint and i farm everything else. I have a very active farm :D
  6. lol what u farm? ill take the coal job xD but my home server is smp7, but im plannign on getting diamond or gold subscriber soon xD
  7. Move to SMP8! Much better...

    I farm trees (Oak, dark brown and birch), pumpkins, wheat, sugarcane and wool
  8. but u dont need help with that?
    Well in some points of view it is...Fresher wild, less people=less lag...But i enjoy the liveliness on smp7, and my friends and I have recently moved from smp2 to smp7 and just settled...I dont think they want to move again, but I can still get u ur coal just set up a door and chest with an access sign and ill do my best to fill it up xD
  9. How do i set up the thingy?
  10. ok so make a room with one door that has a sign above it laid out like this:
    First line: [access]
    SeconLIne: crickdawg
    Third LIne: -BLANK-
    Fourth LIne: -BLANK-
    and then put a chest in there with only the "sell" feature for me to sell coal
  11. Where though?
  12. nice prices i might stop in
  13. Thanks, i need to update though.
  14. ya some stuff was out of stock
  15. Which items?
  16. sorry icant remember
  17. Well, i checked them and i restocked some of them. Thanks for reminder.
  18. sure no prb!!!
  19. Updated. And restocked everything but coal. (Can't find any)

    Would appreciate donations!
  20. on a sign above a door on ur res xD