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  1. I currently am wanting to start a DotA 2 team. I had one with my friends who I regularly play with but they don't like to listen to me even though I am their captain. Aka: no clue. So if anyone is interested let me know down below. Please note I am not skilled superbly but have a pretty good understanding of the draft and I play support as my main role :) but can play all roles.

    Steam Name:
    DotA 2 Level:
    Solo MMR:
    Preferred Role:
    Skype is a requirement to join!

    Anything you put above will not disqualify you!

    If this is not allowed for some reason Moderator/Admin please PM me with further info.
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  4. I am surprised no one is interested in playing DotA2.... I gave away approximately 10 DotA2 Steam Keys here on EMC in the past... :/
    I don't have great internet and I am busy with college, unfortunately. Good luck, I hope it works out.
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  5. Yea. Well learning curve. Probably won't but we'll see.
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