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  1. Does anyone know if it's somehow possible to charge people to enter a door? I'm making a zoo and i want to charge people to get into it.
  2. Sorry you cant at the moment.
  3. Well you could charge them for access signs.
  4. merr charging for access is a pain :/ there needs to be sometime in the future :p
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  5. Hmm, I wonder, Does clicking a sign activate a bud switch?
  6. I think someone suggested that clicking a sign would give a Redstone Signal, if it has something like /Redstone/ in it.
  7. well i was just saying, if EMC can make their own economy I'm pretty sure that there could be a way to charge an entrance fee for something.
    stop being snide, i was just wondering.
  8. Huh? What a BUD switch is short for 'block update detector' I wonder if clicking a sign triggers is.
  9. I think it might, i have to test it tommorow!
  10. Sorry at this time you can't do this. We are considering adding this in the future, we just need to make sure to cover all potential scams.
  11. Justin, Does a clicked sign make a block update?
  12. It does not, it would take some custom code to do that.
  13. Ok, There goes the BUD switch idea :D
  14. i apologize for my ignorance.
    i thought you were trying to be rude and mock me lol.