Doors that you can charge people to walk through

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by will_iamd, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. I think we should be able to charge people to walk through a specific door on our res, like the shops, except with a sign going above a door instead of a chest. So it would be like the [access] everyone feature, but you have to pay every time you walk through.
    Of course you'd then need a pressure pad to close the door, so the next person has to pay too.
    I would find this feature really useful, but what do other people think?

  2. If if this gets implemented I'll make my house's outer fence entirely out of doors :D and trick people into opening them by hiding the signs.

    Although I do see some potential good uses like rollercoaster ride entrances and minigames that do not require the physical presence of the resident, I find the idea impractical and easy to abuse (I honestly don't see myself paying entrance fees for empty shops)
  3. Scamming people by hiding sign is not allowed. Anyone found doing this would be banned.
  4. I can already hear the arguments that will spawn from players getting charged for going through a door they didn't know has a charge on it, no matter how many signs may be around it warning if charges. I think this one may be more trouble then beneficial.
  5. It would be useful and cool, but there would be much abuse and a LOT more work for moderators, dealing with people who scammed people and people who thought they were scammed.
  6. Hence the video ;)
  7. I think better would be an [access] sign that clearly states a price, just like shop signs.
  8. That's what I was imagining, but i have no idea if it would be practical or not.
    Also, you can't open door on people's residences without an access sign, so if people didn't notice the sign, they wouldn't try to open the door, i would presume
  9. of course it would be cool, but problematic. of course people would exploit it!