Doom Empire Mining Camp & Outpost

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  1. I would like to share my public creation outside the waste south outpost on smp4. This is a public creation all welcome.

    To help people remember Doom Empire and my shop i'll be building. Creations for everyone to use like this mining camp. Basically giving me every right to plastering Doom Empire and my shop number throughout the area lol.

    Simple rules and a great area for people to gather and mine. Due to the location of the Doom Empire outpost you will have easy access to Safe area amenity's and your Res. Just set a teleport sign at your res for waste south. waste south.jpg <- - - like that.....

    1. Keep your stuff at your res.
    2. Chests provided are for trash you don't want.
    3. Only donate construction materials to donation bin on 9189. Donations will be used to expand the mining outpost paths.
    4. Don't destroy outpost paths and structures. Please mine around them.
    5. Don't steal signs or outpost furnishings.

    Have fun.

    If you want to Donate to expand this project I only accept 3 donations.

    1. Cobblestone Half Slabs
    2. Cobblestone Stairs
    3. TNT. (without TNT its a pain trying to dig these outposts out. )

    I provide whatever I can.
    Here are some screens so you know what your looking for.
    2015-06-12_02.14.18.jpg chests.jpg enter.jpg outside.jpg path.jpg
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