Doom Empire established Claim SMP4 looking for people.

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  1. Doom Empire claim otherwise known as Bishop Castle Grounds needs people to manage claim areas while i'm away. I'll be moving to Alaska soon but would like to come back to the game at some point in time to continue playing. I would like to appoint players to managed my lands and build on what I created not take away from it. I put a lot of Solo hard work into these areas and would like to come back to them to see the outpost in decent condition. My outposts contain several working Iron farms, rail system, mob farms, etc. With a witch farm and wither skelly farm in construction. The lands are pristine and in excellent condition. I only ask that players continue to maintain and build upon these areas and keep the same rules set for maintaining the areas.

    1. Maintain the wilderness topside. By repairing mob destruction and using farms instead of taking from the lands.
    2. Mines are not for profit or personal gain. Mines are used to explore extensive cave systems and locate mob spawners. Light up areas mobs spawn and to acquire materials needed for further expansion of outposts and to maintain or build farms/homes. All materials mined are donated to the outpost for construction. IF YOU WANT TO MINE FOR PROFIT GO TO WASTE AND MINE. You would have easy access to town mining this way. Leave Wilderness materials in the wilderness. These mines are only available due to how far out the outpost is. That makes transportation of goods to and from harder for players.
    3. Each contributing player may build their own house topside. Within 300 blocks of the outpost center. To keep their locked box's and stored goods. These areas are survival areas and I don't mind if you build a big house. But try to limit the size to only what you need to contain your box's.
    4. Farms should be built within outpost area. Since farms benefit from players being around. Its best to keep farms center of outpost where people might gather or hang out. Personal Farms must be fed into a locked box. Public farms must be replanted and shared with all active members.
    5. No griefing. I don't mind people checking out the outpost areas. But if a house or farm does not belong to you. You may look but don't break blocks.
    6. No stealing from players or outpost to bring goods back to town.
    7. Replant farms and only take what you need.
    8. Keep topside areas well lit with Jack O Lanterns. As well as pathways and other well traveled areas by players. To keep mobs from destroying the pristine landscape. Half slabs and glass also work for keeping mobs from spawning in Outpost areas.
    9. Bishop Castle (my house) must remain in pristine condition. Same for my nether home and all outpost areas connected to the Doom Empire system. All Doom Empire outposts are connected by rail.

    At some point I should be back and I will look forward to seeing improvements made.
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