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  1. hello y'all,

    joshposh70,noname_darrell,Eragon132, and I are making a series of youtube videos and we need YOU to help!

    the task: make the best sig. button (the link to the site is in mine, but its not stylish :p)/ make a good intro/outro

    reward:special rank on the website and some other bonuses later on!

  2. Gimme a logo, a colour and the text, your button, intro and *'outro'? é isso portugues?* will be done.
  3. i got nothin'. maybe somethin' donut-y?

    did you join the site?
  4. Donut-y?
    Like a sticky donut or a minecraft donut?
    a donut with class or a plain donut?
    a donut with a border that was already eated or a 3d version of it?
    a dysney donut or an Vh1 donut?
    What's donut-y for you? :p
  5. how about pink-iced-with-colorful-sprinkles donut with a bite out of one. 3d maybe?
  6. Pink donut. PINK?
  7. Hope it helped
  8. pink icing :p example:
  9. Got it, now i just don't know how to do it.
  10. w
    well i already made mine, nothing else lol
  11. copher, it doesn't have to be that way. just an example. it could even be a stylish black button with cool text!
  12. Got it, will be working on it soon (soon, not RIGHT now)
  13. did u see the new backround? do u like it?

    the first 10 members to register will get a limited edition rank! tell your friends!
  14. Way better than the old one :)
  15. if roblikescake uses this company, the actually have a wallpaper of minecraft cakes :p
  16. hey guys! we really need more registered! come on guys! click the word here in my siggy!