Don't you just love it when people mess with your work?

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  1. I just need to vent my frustration a little bit, sorry if this is an inappropriate place.

    Don't you just love it when you're doing something in the wilderness, leave for a bit, and when you come back, somebody has made a mess of it? I realize that the wilderness isn't protected, but still.

    It's not like my "creation" was that fancy either, so my complaining rights are probably further diminished by that; I had just made the area that I mine in look nice so I could find my way easier when I came back... but come on... anyone who's got some brains could tell what they had come across was not a natural cave, but human made. I think it should've been left alone by whomever did the destruction, at least if rule #1 is to be taken to its maximum extent.

    *sigh* Okay, I'm done. Feel free to pitch in with your thoughts on the matter, both mine and in general.
  2. This is crappy, but typical behavior for some of our citizens. Unfortunately, one needs to be either really crafty about hiding their bases or VERY far out in the wild to keep their hard work safe from the griefers.

    I'm sorry this happened to you, but aside from getting lucky and capturing a screenshot of the desecration as it happens, there's really nothing that can be done. :(

    Also, I see that you have gone Diamond! Congrats -- it looks good on you :D
  3. I actually ended up catching the person in the act (returned to the scene of the crime :D), but I confronted him, and he apologized, so I'm not going to "file charges" or otherwise report him. Mostly I needed to vent some frustration, because I see a lot of the rules broken all the time (especially in the chat, so mostly rules #5 and #9), and I just don't know what else to do, as a lot of the time, there are typically no staff on the server I'm on.
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  4. Staff is there, usually, at least remotely from Square. Remember, the /report function is your friend. I've always noted excellent response time. Our staff is pretty fantastic, when they get the chance to shine!
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  5. I do know about the /report function, but I don't want to use it for every little violation people commit, I feel like it would just make me into the boy who cried wolf. This may be an exaggeration, but sometimes I feel like the town chat has more violations than not, if you know what I mean? It's like people are doing nothing but giving unsolicited shop ads and requesting donations and items and such... :p
  6. I tend to do /ch off a lot when I'm in town, unless it's Utopia ;) I don't report every little thing either. Thankfully, I'm mostly in the Wild or on Utopia, so I think I miss the worst of it...
  7. Yeah Alex, as I said in chat last night, there really isn't anything we can do except /report. The staff don't mind if you use it often though, unless it's a false report.

    A good way to get very far out in the wild is to use the nether. One simply walks out as far as they please, create a portal, go through, and you will be 8x as far out in the wild as you went in the Nether. At least, I think it's 8?

    Some people don't seem to care about the rules anymore. I think it has something to with the fact that there's so many new members joining each day, people think they can get away with it and even possibly a moderator shortage?

    I think the unsolicited shop ads rule is stretched a bit, however.

    - AlexChance
  8. Why not?

    If I knew I could get away with something just by apologising afterwards, what's there to stop me from doing it over and over?

    Report him but if you don't want action taken, state that. At least the Moderators will have a record of his name and if it turns out you're not the only one that he's done it to, then they can take it further.
  9. Valid point. I have no evidence (screenshots or such) of the incidence as it happened as it happened when I was gone, and I didn't take any screenshots during the apology talk either (lesson learned), but next time, I'll report.
  10. If the conversation of what happened was on the game, we have access to chat logs. We'd just need about the time/day and server. If it was private convo, admins or sr. mods can access them.
  11. Well, if somebody wants to take a look, I think the short discussion we had about the matter took place sometime between 17 and 20 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2, I think) on smp2, and I believe it was the "local" channel. Sorry for the wide span, I wasn't paying closely attention to the time.

    Again, though, if it's up to me, I think this specific incidence alone shouldn't warrant any strong reaction against the other player, as I got an apology and was satisfied with that, although you can record them in a "potential trouble maker" list if you have any such thing. :p
  12. I know the Mods/Admin try to walk a fine line between enforcement of the rules and having mercy on first-time perpetrators. I think, though, that we should be reporting any thief/griefer we have evidence for. This will help griefers and would-be griefers understand that this is a community of cooperation and respect.
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