Don't you just HATE lava?

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How many times has lava ruined your day in succession?

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1 - I was disgruntled 2 vote(s) 28.6%
2 - I was mad 0 vote(s) 0.0%
3 - I was infuriated 1 vote(s) 14.3%
4 - I was about ready to rage. 2 vote(s) 28.6%
5 - Considering unplugging my computer 0 vote(s) 0.0%
6 - Ooh, what a nice hammer to my left... 2 vote(s) 28.6%
7 or more - *drags Minecraft over recycle bin* 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I think everyone has at least one good[bad] story. I just lost all 24 of my diamonds and two stacks of gold in the Nether. Why does lava have to be so hot...? :mad:

    Lets vent as a community! :D
  2. Yes, nothing worse than mining and OH CRAP!
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  3. A nice time to mine and finnally get your first diamond! Such a great moment for me! Then i dug one beside me and oh man. Lava.
  4. I remember my first diamond... On instinct I didn't think the red glowing liquid would kill me. Thanks a lot to the outdated free download.
  5. lol i have raged a few time to the point of rage closing the game....but i came back when i cooled down...and it only made me mad at the game didn't affect my real life though xD
  6. I remember mining in a deep, large cave. Hauling with me 3 stacks of redstone dust, my diamond pick, 2 stacks of obsidian, and quite a bit of iron. Suddenly, a creeper decided to show up out from an area of the cave I was yet to light. I backed up, trying to avoid it. But apparently, there was a very, VERY small hole (Literally 2 x 1 blocks) filled with lava that just happened to be in my path, and I had no idea it was there. I died in the lava, losing all my things. Sad day that was.
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  7. ^same thing happend to me :(
  8. Your telling me. I was in the nether last night or the night before. I had just teleported in and took the tunnel in the back to mine. When I arrived I found a large amount of blocks missing. (Probably a Ghasts doing.) Only one missing block was preventing a bridge from being made and I put a block to connect to it.

    Next thing I know, I'm waling across it and then I'm falling into a ocean of lava below. Lost three diamond tools and a lot of supplies for my home. I was so disappointed, I went home and called it a day. I get that way when I lose my most valuable items.
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  9. TeCk_ is the luckiest person i know. I pushed him into Lava three times while mining with him, ( i got lag, so im not really sure what exact position he was at) and he saved himself with his "trusty" water bucket. That mining trip lasted 5 minecraft days. we got a total of 56 diamonds 1 stack+23 gold and a lot of iron. Got 4 stacks of redstone and too much coal
  10. I would very much like to mine with you =]
  11. Been racing the Nether in hunt of glowstone and sometimes being forced to build bridges across the lavafloor. Trying to never make them 1 block wide but always atleast 2 incase something unexpected happens (ghasts, pigzombie suprise spawn (read ├╝berrape), lag or my mouse deciding to look strait up and do a 1080┬░ turn). Twice it's happend that when running either my mouse makes me loose 3 stacks of glowstone, not glowdust, by doing that turn thing on the only narrow pass there is, or a pigzombie spawning on my head while running from the ghasts making me fly back and getting hit and drop into the lava.
    Only lost Torches, full iron gear, a few stone pics, a stack of porkchops and as said, the glowstone. I've learned that never ever bring diamond to Nether.
  12. I remember when I was mining and I lost 10 diamonds my diamond pick and armor, a stack of torches and a whole bunch of iron, due to what can you guess? LAVA! I also remember it burning down my house. Lava is so great don't you think?
  13. We just got lucky. He brought some TNT with him so yea...
    OH and if you want to mine with us you must swear that you will not push any of us into lava or you'll probably die. We have a failsafe. >:) hehe. Oh and you MUST KEEP our mining location a secret. Its our base. There is a swimming pool, a incinerator, alot of chests and some glass to look out from our base. We're currently working on building an automatic farm in the base. Spleef arena in our base is on the To-do list.XD. Currently its only for me and TeCk_ and its in the wasteland which will probably be reset :( Nobody has griefed our base yet. Thats how secretive it is...

    Oh and we must divide our stuff equally. so 56/2 is 28. Each of us got 28 diamonds on that last Mining trip. Most of the time I go mining by myself.
  14. Well, the only time lava's ever hindered me was when I went single-player spelunking, inside a collosal cave I found. I found 2 skeletons. Guess where the arrows sent me.
    So, in agreement, lava <b> must die </b> before I lose more diamond tools. I had a diamond pick and over 100 torches in that dive.
  15. I also hate lava... before the server reset, I was about six minutes running from the spawn point in the nether mining glowstone. I had about 12 collections of 64 glow dust when lag glitched my shift key at an inopportune time, allowing me to swan dive into the great lake of fire. :( So much wasted time and stone - I thought I would throw my computer out the window that day.

    On a side note, as of last night I also hate creepers. :mad:
  16. Similar story to the one above.

    Before the update when Glowstone was hard to find. I had collected 6 stacks of glowstone and was heading back. I saw more on the ceiling so i was building a bridge over to it when a ghast came. I didnt want to risk it so i thought screw it and started running back along my bridge. Ghast hit the bridge, breaking 1 block infront of me.. I fell straight through with no time to stop. Longest free fall EVER! .. Made even worse when your just swimming in lava watching your health go down. :(
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