Don't Throw Away Your Cobblestone/Netherrack When You Mine!

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  1. Instead, bring a stack of chests with you and use my wasteland service to make extra rupees! I will buy the material on the spot and come get it later without you having to cart anything back.

    You can also toss in junk like mob drops and gravel and flint and whatever else you don't want to cart back. I'll pay for those too!

    Bury the chest under dirt or gravel and submit a quick form on my site to tell me what's in there and where the chest is located. Any SMP! Any XYZ!

    Bookmark my site and use it the next time you ever run out of inventory space in the wild and want me to buy some stuff:
  2. but how much do you pay?
  3. It's 12r/stack for cobblestone and 10r/stack for netherrack, infinitely greater than the 0r you would get for dumping it. For more rates I recommend checking the calculator itself.
  4. I've got a whole double chest of netherrack that you can buy.
  5. Sure. If it's in the waste, you can just report it above. If it's in town somewhere, just do an access chest and let me know where and I'll come by to grab it/pay you.