Don't own a residence, says I have one?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ajtro08, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. When I try to claim a residence on smp1, it says that I have reached the maximum of 1 residence and that my residence is on smp4. When I go to smp4 and /home, it says that the residence is on another server. It says it's on smp4 still! I don't own a residence but it wont let me claim any because it says I do own one.
  2. Did you use a strange command or something on your residence in smp4? I will look into this :)
  3. I got my friend to claim a residence for me and flag me into it. But please do, I want my own. Thanks JustinGuy :D
  4. Yeah what I am asking is what happened? I see you claimed a residence this morning on smp4, but then somehow the data got corrupted. I was wondering if you ran some strange command or what you did :) Not blaming you for anything just want to find the issue.
  5. I have no clue how it got corrupted :O
  6. Ok I fixed it for you, you can claim a residence anywhere you like now.
  7. The database still recognized his ownership but the local servers residence data itself didn't know about it. An odd error but was easy to fix :)